About J



 I started out in the pet industry in 2001.My first experience was with a privately owned pet specialty store, where I was introduced to all natural, holistic, organic pet food and supplies. Through this experience, I discovered the importance of seeing your pet’s diet as a means to their health, just as a human’s diet can be a part of living a healthy life. I was immersed in a holistic approach to pets’ lives, including lifestyle, respect, love and stimulation, in addition to the healthy foods and supplies. From there I moved to sales representation with a pet food manufacturer then a pet food distributor, where I learned the back door processes of the pet industry. Then I moved to big box pet specialty where I learned many lessons that refined my management, inventory, and merchandising skills. 

 I am so happy to be coming back to the independent side of pet specialty retail. Our pet family deserves the best because we have signed up for the responsibility of taking care of them and I look forward to helping other families obtain the best. It is very important to me to support local businesses as much as possible and I am very proud to be a part of a business that will help to strengthen our community.

 My Pet Family

 Jameson is a 65 lb. 9 year old lab husky mix that I adopted when she was year and a half old. Her life before I adopted her was horribly abusive and neglectful. We had our growing pains but before I knew we adored each other more than I could have imagined. 

 Isis is my 9 lb. 9 year old black cat that I adopted at the age of five months, or I should say that she adopted me. She was initially shy and reclusive and is now a very confident cat. Much of her new found confidence came out and was strengthened through to her relationship with Jameson. Isis will miss Jameson while she's at work.

 Our newest addition- yet to be named - is a 20 lb. five month old Sheppard mix puppy. Her short existence was also violent, but she was rescued at a very early age and is a very happy and sweet puppy. We are enjoying getting to know her.

 While I did not plan to have these animals in my life I am so happy that they found me! I am overwhelmed at the happiness they bring into my life and work everyday to try to repay them.

 What makes me want to open Jameson Loves Danger

 I want to provide a clean, well organized store with the best in nutrition and care for my communities’ pet family. We strive to make the best quality products and services available, with an emphasis to support and strengthen as many local and nationwide businesses as possible. I believe in providing knowledgeable and genuinely friendly service.  I desire to be in an environment that enhances our customers’, employees’, and animals’ lives. I care for my pet family, my customers, and their pet family and feel personally invested in their happiness. I also want to bring my dogs to work everyday, of course.

 About Grace


My background is primarily in Social Work. After receiving my Master’s degree from the University of Chicago, I spent the following 6 years working in Foster Care and Adoption. I worked with children that had experienced profound abuse or neglect and my responsibility was to address their behavioral needs. It wasn’t until after I adopted Danger that I fully realized how transferable those skills would be. 


Danger is a 15 lb. boston terrier/poodle mix. Some call her a Bossi-Poo, some call her a Boodle. I just call her Danger. She came to me as a Christmas present a few years ago.  Like many shelter animals, she had a rough start in life. By the time she came to me, Danger was afraid of everything from the wind to car horns.  Danger earned her name from her constant state of fear. However, as she’s aged she’s become much more confident. She’s never met another dog she doesn’t like. Despite all of her oddities, I think Danger is the best thing ever. Actually, I think she’s perfect.

Sophie is a 9 yr old calico beauty queen. (I can’t believe she’s 9! I might cry!!) My friends often comment on what a wonderful cat she is. Sophie began having seizures 2 years ago and is medicated throughout the day to keep the seizures at bay. Despite her illness, she’s a loving cat with so much personality. 

My motivation:

I love my pets. I love talking about my pets. I love talking about other peoples’ pets. I look forward to sharing stories and knowledge at Jameson Loves Danger. I’m excited to translate my helping skills to the animal kingdom and I hope to create an environment that provides the best supplies, advice, and services to pet owners and the animals they love.