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New pet boutique expands Andersonville’s retail offerings


Chicago, Ill. – A new shop catering to the community’s four-footed friends will soon make its mark on Andersonville’s bustling retail hub.

Jameson Loves Danger, a pet boutique offering a wide range of food and supplies, grooming and delivery services, will hold its grand opening weekend Sept. 14-16 at 5208 N. Clark St.

“We want to build a rapport with our community’s pet owners and to become the place they rely on for high quality, safe food and products,” Co-Owner Gracie Whalen said. Her 2-year-old poodle-terrier mix, Danger, played an inspirational role in the store and its name. “And even beyond that, our goal is to be the trusted, reliable resource for up-to-date information on animal care.”

The grand opening officially kicks off at 9 a.m. Sept. 14. The first 15 customers will receive $10 off their purchases, and the first 30 will receive goody bags stocked with Jameson Loves Danger promotional items. On Sept. 16, all clients will receive 10% off their purchases.

As part of their goal to become that trusted community resource, Whalen and Co-Owner J. Horne have stocked the store with a combination of classics—food and toys you can find at many higher-end pet stores—as well as newer, more innovative products.

“When we selected our inventory, there was a huge emphasis on sourcing from manufacturers who are local—if not Chicago, then within the United States—and who have high safety standards,” Horne said, explaining that the food and toy recalls from the past few years made them shy away from offshore vendors whenever possible. “We’re also trying to buy as many eco-friendly products as we can.”

As examples, Horne cites Lincoln Barks, a Chicago company that oven bakes natural treats, and a local supplier of clean-up bags, who is striving for the first truly biodegradable bag on the market. Jameson Loves Danger will also carry products from West Paw Design, a Bozeman, Mont. company that offers 100% recyclable toy lines and third-party-certified-safe toys and beds.

In addition to the pet food and supplies, the pet boutique will offer self-wash tubs and full-service grooming with fun packages, such as hair dying and nail coloring. The business partners have also added a convenient delivery service for clients who prefer not to lug 35 lbs. of pet food down the block.

Horne has 12 years of experience in the retail pet industry, and Whalen is a former social worker. Their love of rescue animals, their friendships and their community inspired them to launch Jameson Loves Danger.

“We want to come to work and feel good about what we do,” said Horne, whose 9-year-old Huskie mix, Jameson, contributed to the other half of the boutique’s name. “We want our clients to feel good about what they’re giving their pets. And we want to create a holistic environment all the way around for us, our staff, our animals and our clients.”


Jameson Loves Danger is a pet boutique offering a wide range of food and supplies, delivery services and grooming to Andersonville pet owners. The retail store is located at 5208 N. Clark, Chicago, IL and co-owned by J. Horne and Gracie Whalen.


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10% off of automatic/reoccurring monthly orders


- 50% off of first grooming appointment for newly adopted pets. See conditions. -$7.00 nail trim Tuesdays. Regular price $10.00. Day of the week is subject to change.



Any customer who adopts a dog, cat, animal (crocodiles excluded) receives following discounts. Customer must present adoption paperwork at time of purchase to be eligible. - 50% off of first grooming appointment - 10% off of 1st shopping trip