Feeding Your Adult Cat

The adage "you are what you eat" doesn't just apply to people. It is also true for your pets. That's why it's important to feed your pets food that is good for them. At Jameson Loves Danger, we know not all foods are created equal. That's why we carry a range of foods that are natural and carefully formulated to keep your pets healthy.

Adult cats should eat food that is high-quality, nutritious, and formulated for the needs of adult-cat biology. It should be served in amounts that are adequate to meet their daily energy needs as well as in appropriate amounts that help maintain optimal weight. The quantity of food should be based on your cat's size and energy output. That means that cats that run around a lot need a little more than cats that are more sedentary.

A cat that prefers sleeping and lying around may require 10% below the average amount than an energetic, playful cat. Likewise, a cat that plays all day may require 20-40% more food than the average cat.

Consider your cat's energy level and age when selecting foods for your cat. Of course, your vet can help you determine the type and quantity levels of food that are best for your darling fuzz ball.

And, of course, we're happy to help direct you to healthy foods to help you find a food that is well-suited for your cat and also one that your cat enjoys eating.