Grooming-pet spaw


Please call for grooming prices.  The price of your pet's grooming will be based on the size of the animal and its type of coat. Grooms are by appointment only.

Our seasoned groomers will have your pet looking its best in no time.  A typical grooming takes between an hour and a half to two and a half hours.  We do not keep your pets all day, so please be ready to pick up your styling canine or feline friend after its grooming.

Extra Services:

Aromatherapy- $5.00

Nail Trim- $10.00

Cat Nail Trim- $10.00

Nail Polish- $8.00

Anal Gland Expression- $10.00

Flea Baths- $5.00 -$10.00

Hair Coloring- $5 and up. Depends on style and design.

Bring in your recently adopted pet and your adoption paperwork and you will receive your first groom at 10% off as a thank you for saving a life!

Cat Grooms On Mondays and Tuesday evenings.

Self Wash- $14.00