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Hurricane Sandy Rescue Author Gracie W. date: October 03 2012
Rescue efforts under way for pets affected by Hurricane Sandy:
Date: Friday,October 03
Events Author Gracie W. date: September 12 2012
Join US for our very First Barktime, an open playtime for furry friends to hang out and their owners to mingle. Refreshments will be available for both pets and owners.
Date: Friday, September 21 Time 6-8pm
Testimonials | Yelp Review Date: March 05, 2013

"Some days our apartment has more cat-hair tumbleweeds than a California gold rush ghost town. Thankfully, Jameson Loves Danger has kept us stocked with food and cleaning supplies. The store is exceptionally clean and well stocked, offering a variety of natural products. Prices are comparable to other locally-owned pet stores.

They always remember us, and their store doesn't neglect cat-owners (which happens often in smaller pet stores). Their regular stock has helped us trouble-shoot our two biggest pet problems. One cat has a chicken intolerance--which is in almost every major cat food--and they keep almost a dozen chicken-free options in stock. Our other cat is a dumb cat who tends to pee outside the liter box, and the owner introduced us to Dumb Cat, an amazingly effective enzyme cleaner."

---- Yelp Reviewer: Sabina W.
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