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Yelp Review | Sabina W.
Testimonials | Yelp Review Date: March 05, 2013

"Some days our apartment has more cat-hair tumbleweeds than a California gold rush ghost town. Thankfully, Jameson Loves Danger has kept us stocked with food and cleaning supplies. The store is exceptionally clean and well stocked, offering a variety of natural products. Prices are comparable to other locally-owned pet stores.

They always remember us, and their store doesn't neglect cat-owners (which happens often in smaller pet stores). Their regular stock has helped us trouble-shoot our two biggest pet problems. One cat has a chicken intolerance--which is in almost every major cat food--and they keep almost a dozen chicken-free options in stock. Our other cat is a dumb cat who tends to pee outside the liter box, and the owner introduced us to Dumb Cat, an amazingly effective enzyme cleaner."

---- Yelp Reviewer: Sabina W.
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Yelp Review | Sabina W.
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