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Testimonials | Yelp Review Date: March 05, 2013

"Some days our apartment has more cat-hair tumbleweeds than a California gold rush ghost town. Thankfully, Jameson Loves Danger has kept us stocked with food and cleaning supplies. The store is exceptionally clean and well stocked, offering a variety of natural products. Prices are comparable to other locally-owned pet stores.

They always remember us, and their store doesn't neglect cat-owners (which happens often in smaller pet stores). Their regular stock has helped us trouble-shoot our two biggest pet problems. One cat has a chicken intolerance--which is in almost every major cat food--and they keep almost a dozen chicken-free options in stock. Our other cat is a dumb cat who tends to pee outside the liter box, and the owner introduced us to Dumb Cat, an amazingly effective enzyme cleaner."

---- Yelp Reviewer: Sabina W.
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Testimonials | Yelp ReviewDate: March 19, 2013

"Thank DOG this place opened in my 'hood. My dog developed serious health problems in January, and I decided to start him on a raw diet. He LOVES it, but I had trouble getting it. I got my last batch at a place that I also love . . . on 5000 West Belmont.

I walked in this place once, on my way to Hopleaf, of course, and WHOA! Instinct Raw Medallions in all the flavors, and Raw Kibble Bites. THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. The exact brand I wanted, that my dog loves.

The people are totally cool, as I went back (after Hopleaf) RIGHT when they were closing, and they were totally cool, got me all set up and out the door with my goodies for my dog.

Oh, they have a lot of other stuff here, that I would comment on if I wasn't so laser focused on that refrigerator in the back where the raw food is kept. If you have a pet that you are hopelessly in love with, as I am, and want to best stuff for him . . . this place likely has it. Incredible selection of good stuff packed into a little storefront.

Cool name, and friendly people work here, as well. And I just looked at my little JLD magnet on my fridge and notice they have grooming, delivery and are open pretty late on weeknights and weekends. Uh yeah, I went in there on Sunday at about 7:05 and it was all good.

Andersonville definitely welcomes this new addition."

---- Yelp Reviewer: Erica G.
We love hearing from our customers!

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